Crystal methamphetamine and sexual sociality in an urban gay subculture: an elective affinity. Cult Health Sex. Jul-Aug 2006;8(4):317-33. doi: 


Elective definition is - chosen or filled by popular election. How to use elective in a sentence.

A raucous 1920s love triangle that ranges across the continent from New York City to Sheridan, Wyoming, and back again, The Pearls deals with painting, cigarettes, love, Jewish-American identity, and the relationship of language to consciousness. Mid 18th century (as elective attraction): originally a technical term for the preferential combination of chemical substances, it was widely used figuratively in the 19th century, notably by Goethe (in his novel Die Wahlverwandschaften ‘Elective Affinities’) and by Weber (in describing the correspondence between aspects of Protestantism and capitalism). Elective Affinities (German: Die Wahlverwandtschaften), also translated under the title Kindred by Choice, is the third novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, published in 1809. The title is taken from a scientific term once used to describe the tendency of chemical species to combine with certain substances or species in preference to others.

Elective affinity

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In particular, Weber (2001) argued for an elective  [jfr t. wahlverwandtschaft, ävensom eng. elective affinity; efter nylat. attractio electiva, tidigast använt 1775 av den svenske kemisten T. Bergman inom den  In particular, Weber argued for an elective affinity between the Christian ideology of Protestantism and Capitalism. It was summarized in a set of values, i. Suffice  Within certain affinities more or less advanced technolects appear. Relatively few people qualify to join a new elective affinity if they measure up to certain  Paolo Gerbaudo, Social Media and Populism: an Elective Affinity?

Beggars, runaway soldiers, landless aristocrats,  In particular, Weber argued for an elective affinity between the Christian ideology of Protestantism and Capitalism.

Posts about elective affinity written by Michael Seery. William Cullen taught chemistry from 1748 to 1766, at Glasgow (1748 – 1755) and then at Edinburgh (1756 – 1766), where he succeeded Andrew Plummer as Chair of Chemistry.

‘there is an elective affinity between this cultural vision and the religious vision of the Church’. More example sentences. ‘Much of the analysis of the elective affinity between religious ideas and apocalyptic violence will not be 2021-04-12 · elective affinity.

än vad makten konkret skall användas till, som det tycks finnas ett speciellt släktskap (”elective affinity”) mellan nationalism och islamism.

A raucous 1920s love triangle that ranges across the continent from   a tendency to unite with certain things; chemism. See also: Elective. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co. 10 Dec 2014 Elective Affinities weaves together many of these strands. The title comes from the work of Swedish chemist Torbern Bergman, who devised the  6 Aug 2009 Drawing on the concept of “elective affinities” from the writings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Max Weber, I seek to articulate a scientific  Several scholars have called attention to the importance of Weber's use of the term "elective affinity," yet nowhere has the term received a treatment both  By understanding elective affinity as a Goethean chemical metaphor we can better understand the causal claims that Weber makes in his famous essay: Weber's  Elective Affinities of the Protestant Ethic: Weber and the Chemistry of Capitalism Keywords: Weber, Goethe, Protestant Ethic, Metaphor, Elective Affinity,  7 Mar 2010 Although scholars have long recognized the importance of “elective affinity” as a key word in Weber's sociology, surprisingly little systematic  It is loosely based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's novel " Elective Affinities ". This includes nations of race, gender, sexual orientation, elective affinity. operating in different spheres of life. (see R. H. Howe, 'Max Weber's Elective Affinities', American Journal of Sociology, 1978).

Såld  Once a practice related to an elective affinity e. One performs the act of creating something that has a new meaning, a new value. It is different from that of others. Titta på The Elective Affinities film online streaming i High Definition nu. Få ledig klocka film på nätet med enkelt fyll i anmälningsformulär. Others may want to secede from the larger affinity but are instead given Relatively few people qualify to join a new elective affinity if they measure up to certain  How does it accentuate the need for control between various affinities in society? They take the step from the elective affinity into that of the selective affinity.
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But as stated below, subordinates outside the ethnic affinity still had the possibility of ascent in two other forms of affinity. The elective affinity rises to the occasion  Excep- 21 tions were mass deportations of entire ethnic affinities to fictitious If a tight-knit elective affinity uses its own technolect, the latter becomes the envy of  Nietzsche & Anarchism: An Elective Affinity and a Nietzschean reading of the December '08.

operating in different spheres of life.
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May 8 – May 30, 2019. Closed. Galeriile Carol. About. The figurative represented a constant  This Protocol shall determine the law applicable to maintenance obligations arising from a family relationship, parentage, marriage or affinity, including a  The paper discusses homologies of social space by considering the elective affinities identified in multiple method research on cultural capital in the  22 Apr 2014 In fact, Elective Affinities is the rare book that opens by spelling out what will happen by its end.